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One of the reasons we started Moon Water Co. is because we love to shop. Amanda and I have always been obsessed with the latest trends in both fashion and textiles...but, the more we learned about fair trade and slow fashion, we knew we didn't want to source anything else. small and ethical doesn't mean compromising fashion!  Actually we have found just the opposite: several of the popular trends start with artists & are copied, knocked-off & mass-produced by big business.   So, here's a little comparison we did to show you what we are talking doubt.  We have a lot of items that are also found in your favorite stores....however, instead of being "inspired by" items, ours are the real thing, authentic & always hand made. Here are a few examples!


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 So next time you are making a purchase, remember who is making it & what impact your support has on our global economy.  Found, made & fair trade is the most sustainable way to shop! 


Amanda & Hailey

December 01, 2017 — Hailey Weenig

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