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One of our favorite bloggers & author is Jordan Reid.  A few months ago she did a spotlight post on our little shop that still has us blushing.  She tackles everything from serious subjects like body image & mental health to a hilarious video about her "beauty at sea" routine on a family cruise.  We could go on & on, but simply said, she's nothing short of amazing.  She is beautiful inside & out & embodies the phrase "don't hate, collaborate" as she lifts up & supports other female entrepreneurs.  Here is a little bit about her....

"My name is Jordan Reid, and I’m a mother of two living in the Bay Area. I was born in NYC, studied cognitive neuroscience at Harvard, and then did the next logical thing: I drove an ancient convertible across the country to Hollywood, and became an actress. When my acting career went down in flames a few years later it's a hell of a story, I spent a few years excelling in the fields of Feeling Sorry For Myself and Wailing. Finally, I did what any responsible adult with a stack of monthly bills should do: I decided to quit my 9-to-5 job, and started a blog."

She also just wrote her third book The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People & is pre-selling it here... we can't wait wait to read it & laugh with her.  

We love you Jordan, you're a boss babe!!


Amanda & Hailey

November 01, 2017 — Hailey Weenig

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