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Somewhere in Sayulita
Somewhere in Sayulita an artist sits in her humble home in the outskirts of the village.  There is a little girl playing with her brother & a babe in her arms.  She is soaking beans for dinner & has a fan running to cool the home.  In the corner of the room there is a rainbow of the most beautiful cotton soon as she gets her baby down for a nap, she will sit & do what she loves.  She will create, feel & do something with her hands that makes her feel alive.  Her name is Gabriella & she is one of our artisans.  She is happy she is able to stay at home with her babies & still do something that helps support her family.  Her toddler starts preschool next year & she needs to buy new school clothes for him.  He keeps asking Hailey to take his picture & wants to see it.  He has one front tooth missing & he giggles when we try to speak Spanish to him.  
This is why we do this.  We go straight to the artists & we make sure they are happy & being properly compensated for the beautiful things they create.  We are helping them have another avenue to sell their art outside of the Hippie Market which they spend so many Saturdays at as a family. So, next time you buy one of our poms, think of this beautiful family in Sayulita who you are supporting with your purchase.  And when you are holding it in your hands, look outside at the moon, because she is somewhere out there under the same sky & in that moment you have connected with a piece of her heart.
Somewhere in Sayulita
January 01, 2018 — Hailey Weenig

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