Welcome to the Jungle


In the foothills and mountains of Guatemala there are hundreds of Mayan tribes that are cut off from most of the modern world.  They cook atop primitive wood stoves and speak an indigenous language specific to their different regions. 

Unique to each tribe is a pattern of Mayan huipil, a weaving technique that is passed down from mothers to daughters. This technique can take a lifetime to perfect & the art is celebrated daily in the traditional dress or “top” that women wear every day.  



With the permission of the artisans, we are able to use some of these huipil both vintage & new, and fashion them into luxury bags. This is a way for us to honor and preserve this beautiful tradition while making into a useful wear for every day.

We are thrilled to announce our brand new bag!: JUNGLE NIGHTS.  A collaborative vision of Bohemian Mama x Moonwater Co. & woven by master weavers from Panajachel, Guatemala.  Bohemian Mama, located on the East Coast, is our favorite place to shop for our favorite boho clothes online & in their shop! 

The custom huipil took a month to complete.  We then paired the panel with the highest quality full grain custom leather in a beautiful saddle brown for this exclusive convertible carryall bag & clutch 


Bohemian Mama x Moon Water Co "Welcome to the Jungle" Clutch

Each handcrafted bag & pom is one of a kind and your fair trade purchase of this directly impacts the lives of the women who create them.  In Guatemala we see firsthand how this cooperative effort provides sustainable jobs, health care, education and a higher standard of living for these humble, hard-working, generous people - We hope you love it as much as we do!



December 02, 2018 — Amanda Bingham



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