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*Benefit Candle Paradise Collection, Crackling Wood Wick


  • By the Sound Candles for Moon Water Co.
  • Crackling wood wick sourced from sustainable mills
  • 7 oz.
  • 100% premium soy wax, grown in the USA
  • Labels made from recycled paper
  • Hand poured into food safe- reusable, recyclable BPA free jars
  • Made in Washington

Proceeds benefit Trees For the Future  (one candle = one tree).

Full Moon scent will whisk you away to a warm tropical vacation.  Sweet Caribbean coconut with an exotic blend of papaya, sparkling lemon juice and hints of vanilla.

Pink Sangria it is a fun and sweet fruity blend, an intoxicating mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple, watery pear and sugared berries all in one, a sure pick me up for any day.

Sea Island Cotton is like imagining the smell of white cotton flowing in the fresh salty ocean air. This clean mild scent is perfect for any part of your home.

Sex on the Beach just like the fruity cocktail - "cranberry, fresh orange juice & sun ripened peaches."

Sparkling Limoncello A delightful refreshing citrus fragrance, just like the Italian beverage. A yummy blend of citrus, sugared mint, mandarin and verbena.

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