Crossbody Leather Circle Bag, Cadence


Brand Morocco

Our favorite luxurious Moroccan goat leather in a circle bag with braided detailing.  Like all goat leather, is extremely lightweight (less than one pound) and flattens when empty- making it a perfect travel bag!  It expands to 5" (plus) wide & will fit more than you can imagine.  Moroccan leather stretches & softens slightly just like your favorite pair of jeans.  Tassel is removable.

11" x 11" x 5"

*With full grain leather, a patina will develop over use & often darkens due to natural exposure to elements.  As with all leather please handle with care & keep away from oils & paint, excessive humidity & water.  Moroccan leather is processed the same way it has been for centuries: in limestone vats with all organic materials, by hand.  It has a distinct & different scent than cow leather.  The scent WILL dissipate over time & there are several tips & tricks you can use to speed up the process!  Our favorite is lemon essential oil, baking soda & fresh air.  Do not apply directly to the leather, but rather put on paper towels or newspaper & place inside your bag.  Clean with a leather conditioner (Frye's is our favorite).

This bag is handmade & will have imperfections, marks & minor flaws making it truly one of a kind.  The artisan made & assembled it by hand from start to finish often in their homes or small family owned workshops.