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in the olden days i lived to scour thrift shops in southern california...  i found original bell-bottoms, jean jackets, turquoise jewelry, vinyl records, well-loved incense holders & cowboy boots.  i felt the connection in those textiles & treasures to the people who had worn & used them before me.  i imagined their stories & the lives they lived.

now, a lifetime later my treasure hunts have led me to the festivals, bazaars & flea markets of the world.  through ethical sourcing & fair trade, we acquire both vintage & new textiles to repurpose them into bags & decor.  we are dedicated to the preservation of indigenous crafts through recycling & providing new work for artisans to continue their trades.... to learn & tell their stories.

i am both humbled & proud to be the CEO of a small business that truly reflects what i value most.  i promise to always pour my heart & soul into this work... because i sincerely believe in it.  

.... & when my kids ask me what's for dinner?  i tell them to ask dad.



 Mission Statement

p.s. live wild luna child, make the moon water.... buy the bag.