African Bolga Bag, Full Heather Moon


In parts of Ghana, the soil is not fertile enough for agriculture- but it grows Veta Vera grass in abundance.  Because of this, basketweaving is the number one source of income for women there, an art which has been passed down through generations. The top of the grass grows flowers which are removed for weaving, when cut, the root is left in the soil to regenerate, making it a sustainable resource.  The grass is then dried and trimmed to even lengths, soaked in water and split in half and twisted to strengthen the strands.  It is then braided and knotted (each bag has over 2500 knots in it) into these beautiful basket bags.  Made with genuine leather trim.  Zipper close, unlined.  12" x 15" Each basket is one of a kind & handmade from start to finish.  

10% of each purchases proceeds to the dream Africa care shelter.

12" x 15"

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