Candle, Crackling Wood Wick Vanilla Bean *Benefit Candle



  • By the Sound Candles for Moon Water Co.
  • Crackling wood wick sourced from sustainable mills
  • 7 oz.
  • 100% premium soy wax, grown in the USA
  • Labels made from recycled paper
  • Hand poured into food safe- reusable, recyclable BPA free jars
  • Made in Washington

Proceeds benefit Trees For the Future  (one candle = one tree).

Amish Harvest One of our very favorites, & reminds us of sitting on the porch with an apple cider in hand, a warm breeze & wide open spaces.

Espresso Warm, rich & cozy- just like your favorite coffee shop.  Your space will smell like heaven with a chocolate croissant on the side.

Vanilla Bean.... better than Häagen Dazs.

Fireside Serenity Fall leaves, campire + bright stars (if you can put all these into a candle, this is it!)


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