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Fairytale Toadstool Felted Ornament


What could be more whimsical to decorate your tree at Christmas than this brightly-colored, handfelted amanita mushroom? These lovely toadstools look just like the kind you find in fairytale stories. They are made by hand out of 100% merino wool and will last for years to come. These ornaments will add a touch of woodland whimsy to any room, holiday mantle, or Christmas tree.  Just like in nature, each toadstool is unique, as each is made by hand in our studio.   Each toadstool measures approximately 4 inches in height and approximately 3 inches in diameter. Each product made by MJ & Me is made by hand with lots of love and a little bit of magic. We take pride in making sustainable gifts and decor inspired by nature. It is our hope that these gnomes will spark the imagination of your inner child. We hope you love them as much as we do.

PLEASE NOTE: Keep out of reach of pets.

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