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*IN PRODUCTION* AAtika Cactus Silk


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* ORDERED:  Custom CDB*

*Shipped via UPS* scheduled to arrive Thursday 6/6


full cactus silk CDB note for artisan: size will depend on the fabric- please let us know which size it is closest to for billing (use entire pillow case) 

I would like bag to be square shaped, not rectangle (same shape of pillowcase, diamonds pointed upward) see picture of purple cactus silk bag, this is what it should be like, but shaped like the pillow

completely floppy structure please!


slip pocket in front and back (see attached picture of black bag, this is how the slip pockets should be made)

no exterior zipper pocket

leather side pockets


crazy tan (maybe) completely floppy structure (see picture #5 for leather choice)

please match the thread color to the leather (tan leather-tan thread)


solid light blue denim interior 

MESSAGE TO ARTISAN: only 1” leather strip across the base (leather base as minimal as possible)* This bag will essentially be a floppy pillow case with a base, pockets and handles added to it. 

Here is another quick mockup as I was thinking. (see picture #2)  This is the orientation I want for the cdb. I only want the pockets to be only half the length of the bag as shown in the pic, 1" leather across the Bottom and of course the handles


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