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*ORDERED: daily (small) CBD, crossbody/wristlet, extra braided strap*


daily cbd

Please center the circle design in the middle of the panel so the arrows run up and down the sides. All leather pockets, including the on the front.


Please center the circle design at the bottom of the panel in the middle so only part of it shows. I would like the main focus to be the arrows. I'm not particular on which way the fabric runs, just so it looks good.

LEATHER: softest, floppy black leather

STRAPS: I attached photos of my favorite braided strap its 1/2 inch wide/thick and for the straps please, have them be 1 to 1 to 1/1/4 inches wide if possible.  

I also wanted to make sure that the braided strap was in addition to all the normal straps that come with the Daily and Crossbody/Wristlet.

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