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Raise the Roof Benefit Aromatherapy Bracelets by Roche Colline


Holly Zander of Roche Colline has generously donated 100 bracelets toward the Benefit- thank you so much Holly!

A little bit about the bracelets & her:

Lava rock, or basalt, is a simple and quick way to diffuse oils on the go. And I live on a hill. Thus Roche Colline, or "Rock Hill" in French, was born.

I have so many friends that use and/or sell oils, I thought no better way to support my friends than to give them one more avenue to use their oils outside of typical electronic diffusers on the market.

Because wearables make diffusing on the go easy, they are perfect for busy moms and anyone else who wants to be able to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in their daily life.

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