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*IN PRODUCTION* Rebecca Green Huipil


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Shipped to Guatemala via UPS scheduled to arrive Thursday Jun 6th


 full huipil carryall cdb -  petite clutch - penny purse before you cut the material, please see the note in red at the bottom of this =)


crazy tan, floppy


front slip pocket (use the striped part of the fabric for the pocket, preserve original neckline

side leather peek-a-boo embroidered pockets


 I was just day dreaming of my beautiful customs and I wanted to say that if the artist making the bag feels like any of pockets I've requested are going to interfere with the beauty and cohesiveness of the huipil, then I don't need it. The aesthetics of the huipil is definitely important to me. 💜 oh, and I don't want the critters heads chopped off. I see a lot of bags with beheaded birds, and I want my birdies to keep their heads! Lol 🐦🐦🐦
💚💙💛💖 thats all! 🤗


#1 I want to preserve the material as much as possible, and the striped is so beautiful, could see what's left of the we can get a better idea of what I should do with it?  I'm leaning towards making another bag maybe with the striped part, but I definitely want to get a better idea of what we're working with.

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