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Vintage Indian Kantha, Sanjana


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The sari is "not just a garment- it’s a power, an identity, a language". Worn daily in several regions of India, it is several feet of fabric transformed into a beautiful dress- a work of art that holds deep cultural tradition and meaning. After years and sometimes generations of use, the fabric is often repurposed into quilts for family heirlooms. Vintage saris are stacked upon each other and stitched together using a "Kantha" embroidery technique- a single running hand stitch.
Each kantha quilt is unique in thickness (amount of saris used) & the closeness/ tightness of the stitch. This kantha is lightweight & airy.  Each Kantha is uniquely one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. One of our favorite ways to use one, is as a beach or picnic blanket. It will last for years and change with time and use- as new fabrics peek through to unveil a rich history. We handpick each quilt and invite you to fall in love with one of our favorite textiles the world!
 Approximately twin sized.

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